* Secondary coil voltage more than 17 kV
* Very rapid build-up of secondary voltage
* Start-up revolution speed 500 rpm
* Maximum revolution speed 15,000 rpm
* Operational temperature range between -20C and +60C
* Storage temperature range between -40C and +100C


chain saw


The AV-438 electronic ignition module is designed to achieve contact-free ignition of air-fuel mixtures. This type of ignition module utilises transistor switches for magnet activation. A key feature of this module is the very low revolution speed for start-up, which translates into an easy engine start. The modules are fabricated to high standards at VEC's own modern production facility. VEC uses only high-quality components from globally established suppliers. It all adds up to a long lifetime and reliable operation.

The AV-438 module matches the original ignition module type 321 0620 supplied by ALPINA. AV-438 is specified for installation in these chain saw models manufactured by ALPINA:
330, 380, 432, and 438

All products supplied by VEC Ignitions are covered by a five-year warranty. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper installation and damages caused by mechanical actions.

When ordering an ignition module or component, make sure to specify the correct model designation, in this case AV-438. Please let us know if you intend to operate the modules under extreme temperature conditions. We have special solutions for these cases.

Refer to the package specification page at the end of this catalogue. The electronic ignition module comes in a blister package (see sketch S1) along with a high voltage cable and an ignition breaker cable. Larger quantities of the AV-438 module come in appropriately sized cartons (see sketches S2, S3, and S4).